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It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of the wedding dress in the life of every woman and the role of the wedding industry in the modeling business.

TM GELLENA is not only a part of this huge chain, but forms a worthy link in it.

How can you surprise an experienced customer? Exquisite laces and guipure, natural stones and pearls, soft flowing fabrics, rhinestones, beads, hand embroidery. All these are well-known attributes in the fashion world. What is the hallmark of TM GELLENA?

First of all, this is a holistic approach to each product and collection. When creating a dress, an image of the bride is formed with her character, taste, preferences. Each collection contains as many of these images as possible to satisfy the largest customer segment. The image and character of the outfit is created in the right combination of fabric, finishes, accessories, taking into account the fashion trends, silhouette and much more.

Ability comes with experience. One of GELLENA's best skills is the ability of masters to work with clients remotely, taking into account their wishes, features of the figure and even the requirements of the region.

What is the recognition of TM GELLENA, what is its handwriting?

The elegance and lightness of the lines, the variety of silhouettes here always go along with the high quality of the product, and the unique decor is by no means a cover for flaws, but a laconic addition to the model.

The constructive solution of the models cannot remain unnoticed, which is the basis for a perfect fitting and the pride of TM GELLENA.

And yet some principles have remained unchanged for many years: every idea, which is new in the morning, becomes quite outdated before the evening. Without looking back, but with the best experience ever gained, we keep moving on. Experience and skill directly depend on the acceptance of the new methods. As a result, masters can be called only those people whose work was appreciated by the most satisfied trendies.

We suggest you to make sure that TM GELLENA uses the services of the Masters of their Craft, and the products of this brand are worth your attention.